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Coastal Living Communities LogoThe best seaside towns and neighborhoods have beautiful beaches, vibrant boardwalks, dream homes, locally-owned boutiques and seafood dives you can stroll to—plus an extra measure of coastal heart and soul. Places where neighbors know each other and toast sunsets at laid-back gatherings, where family and friends come together for memory-making traditions. For nearly 20 years, Coastal Living has shared and celebrated these beach communities from coast to coast, offering some of the best real estate in San Pedro, Belize, and beyond.

When you purchase real estate in San Pedro, Belize, at Mahogany Bay Village, you will be immersed in an authentic Caribbean experience. Your home will be nestled within a secure resort community sustainably built for comfort and convenience. Become a part of the vibrant and offbeat island life. Mahogany Bay Homes is your opportunity to create your own custom-crafted villa in what the locals call “heaven.” Investment opportunities are also offered in Mahogany Bay Resort. Once you become an owner, you are free to use your property as a forever home, part-time vacation property or to simply leave it in the rental program to keep your asset working for you while you're away!

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Many may dream about living on a tropical island. We understand the dream and we get to live it every day and we want to show you how we can turn that dream into a reality. At Mahogany Bay, we care about creating experiences that enrich one's life and we feel that the home building & buying process should be no different. Our focus is on creating designs that are timeless and to offer a set of choices to meet you where you are financially and from a lifestyle perspective.

We invite you to take a closer look at our real estate in San Pedro, Belize, below. Better yet, schedule a trip down here to see all of this in person. Pricing from $225,000 US +

Number of Plans


Price Range

$225K to $765K USD

Time to Construct

5 to 8 Months

Options and Goodies For Your New Home

Boat Slip (18’x10’)

Guest Studio

Elevated Deck

Pool Flag (16’x18’ plus 10’x26’)

Pool Swim (14’x20)

Pool Plunge (10’x12’)

Outdoor Kitchen

Golf Cart Garage

Pool Deck – Flag

Pool Deck – Swim

Pool Deck – Plunge

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