Turtle swimming in the sea

A Luxury Resort for the Greater Good

Sustainability and eco-conscious practice is more than a commitment at MBR it’s our way of life. While it will take time to fully achieve our ambitious plan, we have made significant progress in reducing our footprint, utilizing green technology, and partnering with the island community on eco-friendly initiatives. As stewards of Ambergris Caye we are passionate about creating a positive coexistence between the delicate ecosystems and biodiversity of our island home and providing a resort experience that is second to none.

Looking up at tall trees


Before even breaking ground on Mahogany Bay Village and Resort in 2010, we were keenly aware of the environmental impact years of development has had on the fragile ecosystem of Belize. As such, we set out to design and build a one-of-a-kind resort that both honors and preserves the country’s unique and delicate landscape. Using indigenous wood designs allowed us to support sustainable forestry practices that take into account the natural patterns of harvesting and regeneration while balancing the needs of the environment, wildlife, and local economies. While nearly all of the Belizean forests have been logged over the past 150 years, a number of initiatives have been adopted in Belize to ensure responsible stewardship of its forests and maintain ecological integrity, water quality, biodiversity, conservation, and vital economic returns. To that end, we worked closely with local craftsmen and forest experts as we utilized locally sourced and sustainably harvested wood and materials for the construction of our structures and furnishings.

Groceries and produce in a reusable bag


Seeking to rid the ocean of a pernicious form of pollution, Belize began to reduce the use of single-use plastic in March of 2022. Setting out a manageable timeframe for prohibiting the importation, manufacturing, sale, and possession of such plastics, the law struck a balance for fast action while allowing businesses time to find suitable alternatives. At Mahogany Bay, we proudly support the country’s initiative to eliminate this rampant form of pollution. As such, we have also begun the process of removing any single-use plastic packaging (e.g. water bottles, bags, and straws) from our stores and restaurants while adding our own filtered water stations on the resort for guests to refill their reusable water bottles.

Mahogany Bay water bottle in the sand
Beaded jewelry by local artisans

Water-Filling Stations

To help guests stay hydrated while eliminating plastic bottles, we have installed a filtered water station in The Great House, available to our guests 24/7. Guests receive a glass refillable bottle to their room, daily during their stay, at no additional charge (there is a small fee if you would like additional water).

Supporting the Local Economy

Supporting economic development means helping local farmers and artisans to create and sell their products to a broader market. To that end, we sell a wide range of locally sourced artisanal goods at the Playa Viva Boutique, some of which can also be purchased from our online store. Portions of each sale help support the local community and its people.

Organic garden


Our on-site organic garden is the source of much of the fresh produce served at Mahogany Bay Resort. A large variety of fruits, vegetables, spices, and herbs (e.g., basal, mint, papayas, bananas, limes, and tomatoes) are all grown in beds of fertile, organic soil, ripened under the hot sun. In our ongoing effort to reduce waste and practice regenerative farming, food waste from our restaurants is transformed into compost. The resulting compost provides the necessary nutrients that enrich the sandy soil, allowing us to operate a plentiful garden on site. To put it plainly, we use everything we grow daily and what we don’t, we return it to the earth.

Young boy wearing swim mask holding starfish

Regenerative Trust

If you speak to elders in our community they will regale you with stories of abundance – of land dense with biodiversity, trees bursting with fruit, lagoons teeming with fish, and lush forests filled with life. Ensuring this native bounty of natural riches is our ultimate goal. It guides our vision of responsible stewardship at Mahogany Bay Resort & Beach Club. We adopted our regenerative ways in order to create opportunities for you to explore and enjoy the diverse ecosystem, to walk away with valuable and shareable memories, and to inspire our guests to embrace a sustainable way of life and perhaps make similar impacts on their own communities.