Creating Captivating Stays and Supporting the Belize Community

At Mahogany Bay Resort & Beach Club, creating unforgettable adventures for our guests with every booking is our specialty. That said, a trip this way simply wouldn’t be the same without the rich culture and history that makes the Belize community so fantastic. The Belize community is filled with inspiring efforts to improve the lives of locals and provide those who live here with options to thrive and grow at every turn. Exploring our resort and savoring a stay is always something our guests can look forward to starting the moment they arrive. Beyond every exceptional vacation experience, our team is dedicated to taking getaway moments further by not only supporting local initiatives but encouraging our guests to get involved in supporting the local Belize community as well.

A Firm Focus on Caring for Local Wildlife

Travelers come from near and far to enjoy the beauty and wonder of our Belize community and a large part of that is our spectacular population of wildlife! At Mahogany Bay Resort & Beach Club, we’re dedicated to standing behind area efforts to care for, rehabilitate, and rescue wildlife that needs protection. One of the organizations we support is Aces Wildlife Rescue which is a San Pedro-based nonprofit focused on the protection and conservation of Belize’s wildlife and crucial habitats. This organization provides 24/7 response to wildlife emergencies and is committed to educating the public on how best to live alongside wildlife like crocodiles. They’re also heavily invested in reforestation efforts across the region. When you book a stay at Mahogany Bay & Resort, you’ll have the opportunity to book an educational visit to their facilities and see what they’re up to first-hand!

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A Literary Platform for the Next Generation

Reading offers children in the Belize community a gateway to learning and growth that’s one-of-a-kind. At Mahogany Bay Resort & Beach Club, we stand firmly behind the admirable efforts at Belize Bookworms in helping every child here enjoy the power of reading. Belize Bookworms is a local nonprofit organization that serves children throughout Ambergris Caye. Founded in 2019, Belize Bookworms promotes book exchanges and giveaways so that every child in our Belize community can know the wonder of stories, literature, and expand their knowledge and imagination.

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Support the Green Iguana Conservation Project

The Iguana Sanctuary and Eco-Park is another prime wildlife initiative we support. Located west of the Belize Electricity substation, this stop is an incredible resource for learning more about the green iguana conservation project, and how protecting natural environments can help these incredible creatures thrive well into the future.

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Giving a Helping Hand to Hope Haven

Caring for the children that call Ambergris Caye home is a top priority and Hope Haven is the island’s exclusive children’s shelter. Here, residents can receive hot meals, counseling services, and participate in programs that are designed for youth and young women alike. The goal is to care for the needs of today while empowering a new generation to thrive tomorrow. Giving to this cause is not only an investment in the well-being of our local community, but an effort in making sure our community continues to grow stronger for years to come.

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Our Belize community has beauty around every corner! Be sure to browse all the things to do and discover more reasons to love Ambergris Caye. From the breathtaking beaches to the fun local hotspots, there is something to love around every corner.

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