Current Listings

Please see the below resale listings for Mahogany Bay Village. All units are furnished and we are happy to discuss any details as it relates to purchasing in Belize and any rental history of these properties. Pricing is in US Dollar and subject to change.

Upper & Lower Keeping Suites

Upper Keeping Suite – $219,900 258D

Upper Keeping Suite – $219,900 338D

Lower Keeping Suite – $235,900 338C

Upper Keeping Suite – $219,900 350D

* Unit 258D has not been constructed

Albert Townhome – 2 Bedroom

408B – $429,900

408C – $429,900

409B – $429,900

416A – $429,900

Victoria Townhome – 3 Bedroom

409D – $519,900

Resale Listings Mahogany Bay Village

Resale Offerings

Many may dream about living on a tropical island. We understand the dream and we get to live it every day and we want to show you how we can turn that dream into a reality. At Mahogany Bay, we care about creating experiences that enrich one’s life and we feel that the home building & buying process should be no different. Our focus is on creating designs that are timeless and to offer a set of choices to meet you where you are financially and from a lifestyle perspective.

We invite you to take a closer look at the offerings below and better yet to schedule a trip down here to see all of this in person. Pricing from $225,000 US +


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