The Best Manatee, Tarpon, and Stingray Experience in Belize

Full-Day Boat Trip

When you stay with us at Mahogany Bay Resort in San Pedro, a plethora of exciting adventures are always at your fingertips. Have you ever seen a majestic manatee in person? Or, have you ever been able to feed a school of massive fish? Sign up for the experience of a lifetime and embark on our Manatee, Tarpon, and Stingray Experience in Belize 

What Our Manatee, Tarpon, and Stingray Experience in Belize Includes:

The West Indian manatee can be found throughout the Belize Cayes in calm waters near mangroves and other protected feeding sites. You can also spot them in open waters and the Belize Barrier Reef—the second largest barrier reef in the world, often taking a nap beneath the water surface. Our expert guides are local to the area and know all the best secret spots to find these mesmerizing gentle giants. Since manatees are a wild and protected species in Belize, we can’t always guarantee a sighting. But your day will be a blast nonetheless! 

Tarpon are a particularly large species of fish that can grow up to 11 feet in length and weigh up to 280 pounds—wow! An exciting feeding session with these powerful creatures will leave you in awe.  

Our Manatee, Tarpon, and Stingray Experience in Belize is a fun-filled full-day tour and boat ride. In addition to the manatee sightings and tarpon feeding, this excursion also offers snorkeling stops around Coral Gardens, just south of Ambergris Caye. As you’re exploring underwater, keep your eyes peeled for manatees, in addition to tropical fishsea turtlesnurse sharks, and rays.  

Since you’ll be on the water for a full day, we will make a stop for lunch on Caye Caulker. Roam the streets of this charming fisherman’s village and enjoy a meal at one of the island’s colorful seafood joints. After your belly is full and you explore the island a bit, head back onto the boat to continue your island-hopping adventure and get ready for Belize’s newest trending attraction—tarpon feeding.  

You’ll catch a thrill unlike ever before as you hold a sardine over the water and try not to flinch as an enormous fish breaches the water and chomps down on the offering. Feeding these big boys will provide quite the fisherman’s tale for you to share with your friends.  

Note: It’s always our tour guides’ mission to have you catch sight of the amazing manatees that call Belize home. However, these sightings can not be guaranteed. To make up for it, you can add on another stop in Caye Caulker to your tour where you can see massive stingrays have the opportunity to feed them!

Your adventure at sea concludes at golden hour with rum punch, beers, and a serene cruise back to San Pedro while reveling in one of Belize’s famous sunsets.   

To learn more about the thrilling activities and excursions we offer here at Mahogany Bay Resort in San Pedro, take a look at our complimentary Vacation Guide