Lionfish Spearfishing Hunt

Half-Day Boat Trip

There are different theories postulating how exactly the invasive lionfish became a part of the Caribbean ecosystem in the past 30 years. But the underlying fact is, no matter how regal this species may appear, lionfish are one of the biggest threats to marine biodiversity in the western Atlantic. Lionfish prey exclusively and voraciously on 70+ species of juvenile fish and invertebrates responsible for the cleaning and general health of our coral reefs, and can decimate their numbers if the lionfish population isn’t controlled. Lionfish have no natural predators, and because their presence is relatively new, their prey do not recognize them as a threat, rendering themselves an easy target. Lionfish also have a tremendous reproductive capacity. That and many other factors that make this species the perfect “super invader.” 

Lionfish hunting takes a bit of skill — holding your breath for short bursts, knowing where to find them, cocking the spear — but other than that they are very slow and often let divers get up close for an easy hit! Lionfish hunting is a ton of fun and has been named one of the world’s “Best Marine Experiences” according to Food and Travel Mexico. Give it a stab and do your part to protect our reefs.