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Mahogany Bay Homes

Nestled within a secure resort community. Sustainably built for comfort and convenience as you adapt to the vibrant and offbeat island life. Mahogany Bay Homes is your opportunity to create your own custom-crafted villa in what the locals call “heaven.”

Own. Earn. Play.

Did you know we offer investment opportunities in both Mahogany Bay Resort and Mahogany Bay Homes? Once you become an owner, you are free to use your property as a forever home, part-time vacation property or to simply leave it in the rental pool to keep your asset working for you while you're away!

Vacation Everlasting

Replant yourself in an island home, customized to your personal needs. Our units open up onto backyards fronting the canals, where you are free to make the space your own. Tailor your house to your own vision of a dream home in this tropical summerland.

The Spirit of Craftsmanship

With our world-class team of architects and Belizean craftspeople, we have achieved our own signature style. We take pride in every small detail – from the traditional door levers to the rustic wood finishes to the lofty, open beam ceilings. The result? A look that is effortlessly shabby-chic.

The King of Belizean Hardwoods

The village name itself was inspired from the very mahogany wood that makes up all doors, windows, countertops and even most of the furniture. It has earned its crown for its beauty, durability and rich color.

All except for one type of wood used in the construction of our units was felled and refined in Belize by the hands of true Belizean artisans. We choose woods based on their ability to resist wind and water-damage as much as their elegant appearance.

Open Community

Ours is a community of friendly faces and genuine hospitality. This means smiles and waves are both constant and real. Belizean locals are more than willing to engage with you, no matter your language or origin. Their openness has allowed us all to build strong relationships that elevate the quality, authenticity and neighborliness of the village.

We Create Better Lives

Working hand in hand with local communities, we have created over 200 new jobs and supported local vendors with space, tools and guidance. We also provide restaurants and retail with healthful, organic produce from our aquaponics greenhouse, Ambergreens. Both our services and products are developed from within Belize for the health of all who stay at our village and the country as a whole.

Units Available for Purchase
Family Cottage, sleeps 6 guests, 1,246 sq. ft. 2 Bed Townhomes, sleeps 4 guests, 1,746 sq. ft. 3 Bed Townhomes, sleeps 6 guests, 2,364 sq. ft. 2 Story Family Homes, sleeps 4-8 guests, 2,160 sq. ft. 3 Story Family Homes, sleeps 10 guests, 2,740 sq. ft.
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