All About JYOTO: The Best New Tea Lounge in Belize

Are you searching for a one-of-a-kind authentic Japanese café experience? You’re in luck! JYOTO is a Japanese restaurant and sushi bar that recently added a brand-new tea lounge in Belize that is open and ready for business! The lounge is on the second floor above the restaurant, which is located within Mahogany Bay Resort. You won’t find a more authentic Japanese tea experience like this anywhere else! 

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JYOTO Tea Lounge in Belize 

When you think of places to visit during your vacation in our tropical paradise, a Japanese-style tea lounge in Belize might not come to mind right away. It should, though! Mahogany Bay Resort is home to a wide array of top-notch eateries, and the newest is this fantastic tea café.  

What’s the Tea Lounge Like? tea lounge

When you walk up the steps of JYOTO and enter the tea café, you’ll instantly be greeted by a beautiful environment, complete with romantic string lights, bohemian décor, authentic Japanese art, beautiful plants, and assorted seating options, including tables, chairs, and pillows. It also has a wraparound porch with an outstanding view of the picturesque bay. If you visit on a Monday, you’ll find that the friendly staff is dressed in gorgeous traditional kimonos.  

How Did JYOTO Get Started? cement

None of this would be possible without Toshiya Tsujimoto, the owner and head chef at JYOTO. Toshiya is a multi-talented person and is always looking for creative ways to contribute to and enrich our diverse island community. In addition to operating the restaurant and tea lounge, he also has a pop-up shop upstairs, Tiny Cement Factory, that sells small plant pots that he handcrafts out of cement. You won’t find these teeny-tiny masterpieces anywhere else! 

What’s the Tea Lounge Menu Like? tea lounge

This traditional tea lounge and café has delicious menu items that you won’t find anywhere else in Belize. If you’re visiting with a group, you might enjoy the hot teapots (flavors include green tea, oolong, vanilla chai, wild berry, jasmine, etc.) that serve four guests. Other popular choices include bubble tea, specialty coffees, Thai iced tea, homemade rose kombucha, and more! You can satisfy your sweet tooth cravings with a yummy dessert, such as Japanese cheesecake, green tea ice cream, or tiramisu.  

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