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When it comes to dynamic landscapes and captivating landforms to discover, the country of Belize is packed with them. While parts of Belize host flat terrain with rich soil, areas along the coast showcase swamps and mangroves while the southern portion of the country and interior are home to low mountains and rolling hills. From hardwood forests to caves and hidden away waterfalls in the jungle, it’s possible to discover an amazing array of natural sights within Belize’s parameters. Those who are heading this way and looking to make the most of thrilling adventures in the foothills of the Maya Mountains won’t want to overlook the opportunity to participate in the Black Hole Drop during their stay.

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Preparing for the Black Hole DropPerson rappelling into black hole drop

It’s important to keep in mind that an activity of this type is designed for athletic adventurers who are up to a strenuous challenge. The Black Hole Drop adventure is an experience that’s best suited to participants at least 10 years of age and up who are ready to take on vigorous physical activity in the great outdoors among challenging terrain. When you book this experience, the cost of the adventure will include the gear you’ll need to make it a safe outing such as a harness, helmet, headlight and water. Participants will want to be sure to wear lightweight and long pants and shirts that allow for easy movement. Sneakers and hiking boots work for this excursion and mosquito repellent is highly recommended.

What to Expect on the Journey

Booking the Black Hole Drop adventure is a chance for outdoor enthusiasts to experience the beauty, thrill, and wonder of the infamous Actun Loch Tunich sinkhole and cave. Often referred to as “The Mother of all Caves” this destination is reached through the Black Hole Drop adventure through a combination of hiking and rappelling. The experience begins with a vigorous 90-minute trek along a steep uphill path that takes you through the stunning Maya Mountain terrain. You’ll reach the edge of the sinkhole and cave which is no less than 300 feet above the basin below and 200 feet above the lush rainforest canopy.

From here, you’ll partner up with trained caving guides who help rig a system of rappelling ropes for the descent. Getting to the bottom is an adventure on its own, but the good news is, you’ll be able to take time to enjoy a picnic lunch on the ground when your group all successfully makes the descent. After fueling up, it’s time to climb your way out through a series of ladders, rock climbing, and traditional trekking too. Difficult? Yes. Unforgettable? Absolutely!

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