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JYOTO Japanese Sushi Bar Debuts at Mahogany Bay Village in Belize

JYOTO Japanese Sushi Bar Debuts at Mahogany Bay Village in Belize



JYOTO Sushi raises the bar for international cuisine on Ambergris Caye. JYOTO Sushi raises the bar for international cuisine on Ambergris Caye.

The most exciting new restaurant on Ambergris Caye has celebrated its official opening! We’ve been gushing about JYOTO Japanese Restaurant and master sushi chef Toshiya Tsujimoto since his team first signed on with Mahogany Bay Village in November 2016. After a custom 4500 sq ft build of the sushi restaurant, and importation of some of the finest appliances specific to a Japanese kitchen, the time has come! Toshiya has hired and trained his Belizean staff in the art of Japanese service and food handling safety and they are ready to serve you! Opening hours are everyday except Tuesday, from 11 – 2 for lunch, and 430 – 930 for dinner.

Guests enjoy dinner at JYOTO Sushi's soft opening. Guests enjoy dinner at JYOTO Sushi’s soft opening. Main dining room of JYOTO Sushi, pre-opening.  JYOTO Sushi was built with a new industrial-modern aesthetic, while the outdoor wrap-around porches and window shutters echo the British Colonial architecture of Mahogany Bay Village.

JYOTO Sushi Restaurant delivers a traditional Japanese culinary experience using fresh local fish and seafood. But Toshiya’s incredible creativity is apparent also in his unique and regional menu items boasting an innovative twist. Since his arrival in Belize, Toshiya has prepared fresh sushi made-to-order for private dinner parties and hundreds of visitors at Mahogany Bay Market Day, which takes place the 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month in Mahogany Bay’s downtown. Time after time, Toshiya has astonished fans with his new creations  — sake ice cream, vegan & sugar-free chocolate (unbelievably delicious!), red bean paletas (sweet popsicle made of red beans), Japanese creme brulée, even Belizean rice and bean sushi with Marie Sharp’s hot sauce!

One of Toshiya's ever-changing Market Day sushi presentations. One of Toshiya’s ever-changing Market Day sushi presentations.

Experimentation with desserts and unique sushi rolls is one thing, but Toshiya’s most radical recent creation has to be special sushi just for felines. Yes, CAT SUSHI! Mahogany Bay resident cat, Edo, turned 8 years old this year and Toshiya volunteered a complimentary catering to celebrate — talk about embracing new challenges! Toshiya prepared three different plates of cat sushi using canned tuna and cat food. He wrapped the savory bits in fresh yellow snapper, seaweed, and even one topped with caviar! Edo gave it an enthusiastic two paws up and devoured every last bit.

Home-catering cat sushi party, courtesy of Toshiya Tsujimoto.

To read more about Toshiya Tsujimoto, world-traveler and master sushi chef, please see our previous blog post on Best New Sushi Restaurant in Belize.