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Mahogany Bay Village Gives Back to Belize

Mahogany Bay Village Gives Back to Belize




“The greatest good you can do for another is to not just share your riches, but reveal to them their own.”

~ Benjamin Disraeli


In Belize the riches run deep, from mahogany wood and turquoise waters to skilled craftsmen and business entrepreneurs. At Mahogany Bay Village we are so familiar with the riches of this beautiful country because our resort village and recent milestones would not be possible without them. Just as iron sharpens iron, it may take just one person or opportunity to help someone reveal their own riches. We are passionate about making Belize a better place by empowering the people who live in our community. Mahogany Bay Village has chosen three major areas to focus our philanthropic efforts:


1. Entrepreneurship and Business Development for Belizeans

The bold ambition behind Mahogany Bay Village (MBV) has always been “Helping People Live Better Lives”. We believe we’ve demonstrated this by becoming one of the top ten employers in Belize within the timespan of only two years, and also by cultivating the skills in our workforce for individuals’ future successes in career and life.


In MBV’s infancy, CEO Beth Clifford held workshops with construction team members of our sister company, Caribbean Homes & Exports (CHE). It started with an entrepreneurship book club based around Robert Kiyosaki’s wildly successful business book, Rich Dad Poor Dad. Thereafter, individuals who chose to continue received the training to create a business plan with the opportunity to be awarded seed capital to start their own business based on their trade. Four participants of these early entrepreneurship programs went on to their own company, each employing an average of three employees — and now are subcontractors to our companies instead of employees!


CHE has created the largest home and furniture building company in Belize and now exports across the Caribbean and United States — which means long term employment and career growth opportunities for our employees. MBV has also mentored locals to create their own businesses on-site here in our village on Ambergris Caye. One such local Belizean came in inquiring about employment in early 2016, and left with a contract to open his own business — our resident lunch outlet, Taco Shack!


2. Support for Local Families, Women and Children

MBV supports On Eagles Wings Ministries through the financial support of the SHINE program (Shaping Healthy Identities through Nurturing and Empowerment).  SHINE provides mentorship groups with curriculum for local high school students, as well as an entrepreneurial program for young women beginning in 2017. Also, MBV’s retail furniture company, Road to Cayo, built and donated a dozen colorful benches for the San Pedro Kids Club earlier last year. The Kids Club is a free after-school program open to all children aged 12 and under on Ambergris Caye.


In June of 2016, Mahogany Bay Village hosted a non-profit gala for First Lady Kim Simplis-Barrow’s Inspiration Center, an event that raised over $100,000 for Belizean children with disabilities. This event was the first annual and will continue each year here in The Great House, Mahogany Bay Village’s 22,000 sq. ft. event venue.


3. San Pedro Community Service

In June 2016, a fire damaged a row of long-time businesses and residences in downtown San Pedro. The community rallied together to donate or help families repurchase items that were lost, and Mahogany Bay Village provided a construction team to help residents and locals clean up the destruction.


MBV also contributed four carpenters for one week, totaling 200 hours of work, and donated $4,000 toward rebuilds when Hurricane Earl caused significant damage to unstable homes in a disadvantaged neighborhood of San Pedro.

Mahogany Bay Village cherishes being a member of our community and is dedicated to providing continued support in each of these areas, making Ambergris Caye an increasingly desirable place for everybody to live, work, and play.

If you are interested in joining our mission or would like more information on investment opportunities, please contact us at  [email protected].


The Team at Mahogany Bay Village